Isle of Pines

From the intense blue colors of its waters to the prolific groves of ancient pine trees blanketing its landscape, don’t be surprised if a vacation in the Isle of Pines starts to feel like stepping into the alternate reality of a postcard.  

The Isle of Pines is an unhurried world surrounded by natural beauty. Just a twenty-minute flight south of Noumea, visitors are welcomed to the Island by smiling locals, who live by the saying, “A quoi bon le compter, il ne s’arrêtera jamais” (“Why measure the time, it will never end”). Here on the Isle of Pines it may often feel that way, as visitors are relieved from their usual stresses, with balmy days extending tranquilly from one into the next.  

L'Île-des-Pins, or Isles of Pines, is a commune in the South Province of New Caledonia. It is comprised of the Isle of Pines, the smaller Kôtomo Island, and several islets around these two, as well as the distant island of Walpole, which is located almost 93 miles to the east. The settlement of Vao, on the Isle of Pines is the most prominent of the region. 

Dominated by the pine-covered peak of Nga, Ile des Pins (the Isle of Pines) emerges from the lagoon, its lush green hills contrasting brilliantly with the turquoise sea. Boasting exquisite views of virgin nature, including deserted beaches, dramatic blue waters, and the luxuriant shade of banyan trees and columnar pines, it swiftly becomes clear why Unesco counts the Island as a World Heritage Site. 

A vacation on the Isle of Pines promises to be both refreshing and memorable. Those who enjoy exploring nature, taking long walks, swimming, snorkeling, diving, meeting local people, or simply lying out on long stretches of deserted, white sand beaches, could easily spend 5 to 10 days on the Island, and still find plenty to do. With no stress, no night life, and a relaxed pace of living, this is the true definition of island time. World-class accommodations are also available on the island, whose resorts include the  Oure Tera Beach Resort and Le Meridien Isle des Pins.

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